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Renta Hands Over its First Turnkey Offices in 22@

The real estate company has invested more than 11 million euros in this turnkey project, which will house the new headquarters of Ocado.

Edificio construido por Renta Corporacion en 22@ 708x1024 1
Office building constructed by Renta Corporacion in the 22@ district of Barcelona

Renta Corporación has completed the construction of the building located on Calle Badajoz, 112, in the 22 @ district of Barcelona. The property represents the firm’s first comprehensive turnkey office construction project and has been carried out for Ocado Technology.

With an investment of more than 11 million euros, the building, which spans more than 2,343 square metres of offices, is one of the few properties in Barcelona that has the LEED Gold certification, which recognises that the construction work complies with the maximum sustainability standards.

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