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Renta Corporación Announces an Extraordinary Dividend and a €30 Million Investment in Storerooms

The company has announced that a dividend of 2.2 million euros will be distributed during the month of April.

Edificio oficinas augusta de renta corporacion 1

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Renta Corporación has approved the results for the financial year 2021. The company obtained a net profit of 6.9 million euros, in addition to an extraordinary profit of 2.3 million euros from the sale of part of its stake in the socimi Vivenio.

Luis Hernández de Cabanyes, President of Renta Corporación, is optimistic regarding the outlook for 2022. The year has started with a high rate of activity and so the firm will close the first quarter with a profit that is very much in line with the expected result for the year (12.6 million euros).

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