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Renta Corporación Acknowledges that Covid-19 Will Impact its Results

The company's executives have explained that, although the coronavirus crisis may have a negative impact on the results for the financial year 2020, it will not undermine its strategic plan.

David Vila consejero delegado de renta
David Vila, CEO of Renta.

The President of Renta Corporación, Luis Hernández de Cabanyes, has commented that the crisis caused by Covid-19 “is a temporary situation” and that, although it may have an impact on the company’s results this year, he believes that it will not call into question its strategic plan or its growth levers for the next few years.

In this sense, the CEO of the real estate company, David Vila, has pointed out that the real estate company is working in “a scenario of gradual recovery in the real estate sector, accompanied by the general reactivation of the economy, which should occur as the health situation improves”.


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