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Renazca (Merlin, GMP, Alba & Monthisa) Insist on Renovating Azca

A new feasibility report released by the company indicates that the operation of the space could generate up to 245 million euros.

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Renazca, the company created between Merlin, GMP, Alba and Monthisa at the beginning of 2020, has submitted a feasibility report to Madrid City Council in which it proposes a plan for the renovation, conservation and operation of the Azca area for a period of four decades. The objective? To refurbish and revitalise Madrid’s financial district.

The feasibility study has been published on the State Contracts Portal and proposes an investment of almost 44 million euros, including administrative licences, project design and adaptation work. In addition, it leaves the door open to an extra investment of ten million euros, which would be used to refurbish the sanitation network in the area, according to reports from Eje Prime.

Read the full article in Spanish.


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