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Rejection by the Sector of the Housing Law Approved by the Government on Tuesday

The Government has approved the Housing Law, which, amongst other measures, will limit rental prices in stressed areas, something that is whole-heartedly rejected by the real estate sector.

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On Tuesday, at the Council of Ministers, the Government approved the Housing Law that, amongst other measures, introduces the ability to freeze rental prices in stressed areas. In this way, the Government has given the green light to the draft Law for the Right to Housing just days after receiving a serious remedial report from the General Council of the Judiciary detailing its misgivings about the implementation of said legislation.

The measures set out in the Housing Law include the classification of protected housing for an indefinite period, always guaranteeing it for a period of at least 30 years and the allocation of a land reserve for affordable rental housing. In addition, under the new regulations, regional and local governments will not be able to sell off public stocks of social housing since they will be considered a heritage permanently subject to protection.

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