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Real Estate Agents & Consultancies Saw Their Revenues Rise by More Than 40% in 2021

Real estate agencies invoiced 7.4 billion euros in 2021, whilst real estate consultancies recorded revenues of 400 million euros.

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The turnover recorded by real estate consultants and agencies amounted to 7.8 billion euros in 2021, which represents an increase of 41.8% compared to the figures registered in 2020, when revenues fell by 14.4 %. That is according to Informa’s DBK Sectorial Observatory report. Informa, a subsidiary of CESCE, specialises in the supply of Commercial, Financial, Sectorial and Marketing Information in Spain and Portugal.

By subsector, the real estate agencies invoiced 7.4 billion euros, up by 43.1% compared to 2020 whilst the real estate consultancies registered turnover of 400 million euros, up by 21.2 %.

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