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Ranking of Property Developers in Madrid By Number of New Homes They Plan to Complete in 2021

The Community of Madrid accounts for 20.76% of the more than 70,000 new homes that are due to be completed in Spain in 2021, according to the real estate big data platform Brainsre.

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Madrid continues to be the epicentre for house sales in Spain, and where all of the property developers, both family-owned and listed companies, want to have their high-profile projects. In addition, it is periodically creating new neighbourhoods that will ensure the continuity of the construction work there for years to come. The activity in Madrid is currently comparable with the dynamism of Malaga and Valencia; moreover, it is less constrained by the lack of land than Barcelona, ​​for example.

In terms of the dimensions of its future capacity, Madrid has seen a marked increase in the development of new housing during the pandemic with the speeding up of licenses for Los Berrocales, La Solana de Valdebebas and Campamento, corresponding to more than 16,000 homes, – specifically, 16,393 in total – which could almost double if the plans for Berrocales 2034 are fulfilled. That figure would double the residential size of Madrid Nuevo Norte.

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