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Quabit Pushes Ahead with its Plans to Build the Largest Artificial Beach in Europe

The property developer, which has decided to put on hold the development of 650 homes that were either under construction or in the pipeline, is pushing ahead with its project to build an artificial lake 50 kilometres from Madrid.

alovera05 1
Recreation of Alovera Beach.

Stop the projects on the coast but not the ‘beach in Madrid’. That was the decision of Félix Abánades, President of the property developer Quabit and the construction group Rayet. He has been working for three years towards building the largest artificial beach in Europe, less than an hour from Madrid.

Called Alovera Beach, Abánades first presented his leisure project in 2017. Located in the town of Alovera, in the Corredor del Henares, about 40 kilometres from the capital, the main attraction is set to be a large “sheet of water” spanning almost 25,000 square metres, where visitors will be able to participate in different water sports and even attend a sailing school. To create this huge pool, the group has partnered with the Chilean company Cristal Lagoons, a specialist in this type of feature. In addition, the complex is set to have a large urban beach spanning 15,000 m2, with beach volleyball courts, beach bars, a restaurant with capacity for 1,000 people and even a water park.

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