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Quabit & Neinor Convene Their Shareholders to Approve Their Merger on 31 March

Neinor's shareholders will have to approve a capital increase amounting to up to 56 million euros: the new company will have assets worth 2,000 million euros.

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The Board of Directors of Neinor Homes has convened its shareholders to meet on 31 March to approve its merger by absorption with Quabit Inmobiliaria. The most important item on the agenda will be the agreement to launch a capital increase for a maximum amount of 56 million euros.

On 11 January, the Boards of Directors of Neinor Homes and Quabit Inmobiliaria gave the green light to the project to merge Quabit with Neinor by absorption, and the deal must now be submitted for approval by the General Shareholders’ Meetings of the two companies. The new company will retain the name Neinor Homes.

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