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Public Auction of Land in 11 Regions for €60 Million

Forty-three plots of land, located in 11 autonomous communities, will be included in the public auction on the website www.subastasprocuradores.com.

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The General Council of Solicitors of Spain will carry out the land auctions at a national level. The auctions will be conducted via the website www.subastasprocuradores.com. The total valuation price is expected to reach approximately 60 million euros.

According to an announcement by the group, the forty-three assets on sale are spread throughout 11 autonomous communities. For example, an array of land in the Community of Madrid is one sale, including holdings in Torrejón de Ardoz, Móstoles, Vallecas and Villalbilla. In Catalonia, the majority of plots are mainly in Barcelona and Girona.

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