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Pryconsa, Ibosa and Gestilar Start Work on 1,400 New Homes in Central Madrid

Ribera Calderón, also known as the Mahou-Calderón operation, has been given the green light for Gestilar, Azora, Ibosa, Pryconsa and Vivenio to build 1,433 homes for sale and rent, with record prices in the area.

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Aerial view of the new neighbourhood alongside the Manzanares River on the site of Atlético de Madrid’s former stadium.

According to the consulting firm TC Gabinete Inmobiliario, it is estimated that in Madrid there is only residential land available to develop 3,500 new homes within the central area inside the M-30. The area called Ribera Calderón will account for more than 1,400 of those homes, specifically, 1,433.

The Mahou-Calderón operation is an urban development on the site of the former Mahou factory and Atlético de Madrid’s stadium, the Vicente Calderón. The urbanisation work for the first phase has just been finished, and the Compensation Board, which is made up of well-known companies in the sector, has been waiting for the licenses required to start construction.

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