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Pryconsa Bets on BTR with a 700-Home Portfolio in Madrid

The Colomer family owned the real estate company has told Brains.news that they are aiming to occupy an important position in the rental business, “just as we lead the market for new home sales.”

Marco Colomer presidente de Pryconsa
Marco Colomer, presidente de Pryconsa.

The Pryconsa group is investing heavily in the rental housing sector. The firm has already signed several turnkey or build-to-rent (BTR) development contracts, adding up to a portfolio of 700 homes for delivery.

The delivery period extends until 2024, with homes located in various locations in the Madrid region, as sources at Pryconsa confirmed to Brainsre.news.

The housing developer entered the build-to-rent (BTR) sector last year with an initial agreement with DWS. Through the company Cogein, it closed a deal with a fund managed by DWS’s real estate division, where it will deliver a new residential development in Vallecas consisting of 180 homes. The homes will be subsequently leased to the fund.

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