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Pryconsa Acquires Land for Homes in Barakaldo for 13.2 Million Euros

Pryconsa will be able to build 125 homes, spread over six floors and a penthouse, on the plot, which has a total surface area of 2,613.9 m2.


Bilbao Ría 2000 and the real estate group Pryconsa have agreed to a deal for RES AL-8 in Urban-Galindo (Barakaldo) for 13.2 million euros.

The plot of land, located in Galindo-Este, facing the Nervión Estuary and next to the future Ribera Park, has a total surface area of 2,613.9 m2. Following current urban planning regulations, 125 homes, spread over six storeys and a penthouse, can be built on the site. The maximum height of the building will be 23 metres (excluding the attic), and also, on the ground floor, commercial premises with a total surface area of 1,050 m2 will have to be built.

The construction of the dwellings will be carried out under a cooperative system for which Pryconsa, through its subsidiary Prygesa, has already set up the company Barakaldo Urban Sociedad Cooperativa.

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