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Property Developers Demand More Information and Measures to Alleviate the Economic Impact

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There is a huge wave of uncertainty filling the Spanish economy and the activity that operates therein. Whilst restaurant businesses are torn between shutting down or continuing to offer delivery services and automobile companies are debating whether to stop production and initiate ERTEs (collective redundancies), the real estate industry has similar questions of its own. Therefore, it has decided to request guidance from the National Executive – the sole body in command of the covid-19 crisis since the state of emergency was called on Saturday – to clarify what should happen to its projects and the employees who work on them.

Thus, the association of property developers, APCE, has sent a letter to the Government today, specifically, to the Minister of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, asking him to clarify the situation regarding the continuation of activity in the property development and construction sector, in work centres and on construction sites.


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