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Property Developers and Investment Funds Launch 8,000 Rental Homes Through BTR

In 3 years, investment in rental housing will reach 1.962 billion euros, while the projects already underway will result in the construction of 7,500 homes, according to Colliers.

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Investment by investment funds and property developers in the residential rental market in Spain has become the star of the real estate sector. So much so that there are almost 8,000 homes underway (including finished products and work in progress properties) and more than 2.0 billion euros of investment, according to a report by the international consultancy Colliers, to which Brainsre.news has had access.

These types of operations include the so-called PRS (Private Rented Sector) or finished rental homes, and BTR (Build to Rent) segment or the development of rental homes. In the case of PRS operations (completed rental homes), they account for 48% of the total, equivalent to around 974 million euros and 4,000 homes.

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