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Pictet Launches New Real Estate Investment Fund

Pictet Real Estate Capital-Elevation Core Plus is the first fund that allows non-professional clients to invest in assets through a European long-term fund.


Pictet has launched a European long-term investment fund specialising in real estate assets, according to the group.

Pictet Alternative Advisors has launched its Real Estate Capital-Elevation Core Plus real estate private equity fund.

Charles Foucard, chief financial officer and head of development strategy at Pictet Alternative Advisors, said that the fund, registered in Spain, “has been designed for institutional investors as well as private clients and, because of its classification as a European long-term investment fund, it is the first to allow European non-professional clients to invest in a closed-end real estate fund.”

The new fund will seek to provide two sources of return: rental income, which, linked to consumer price indices, offers partial protection against inflation, and capital appreciation through the management and enhancement of the assets in which it will invest.

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