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Pelayo Capital Increases its Investment in the Breogán Park Retail Project to €80M

Breogán Park A Coruña Fuente Pelayo Capital 1024x614 1
Image of the Breogán Park project. Source: Pelayo Capital

Those responsible for the fund Pelayo Capital, the promoter behind Breogán Park, estimate that the shopping centre located in La Coruña will open its doors in early 2022. Although in theory the planned investment was going to amount to €60 million, Pelayo Capital has indicated that the final disbursement will be €80 million, according to La Voz de Galicia.

The Xunta has just granted the Autonomous Commercial Authorization (ACA) to the La Coruña-based investment fund for the transformation of the former Dolce Vita shopping centre into a new complex. Now that this process has been completed, the project’s developers believe that the building work could begin “in the coming months”, although a specific date has not been set yet. In fact, the municipal building license is still pending.


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