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Patrizia Stars in a Record-Breaking Build-to-Rent Purchase of 1,500 Homes for €600 Million

A new record-breaking operation has been completed in the build-to-rent sector in Spain. Patrizia has purchased 1,500 homes from Corp for 600 million euros.

becorp promocion de vivienda en alquiler sants 1024x640 1
A Becorp development in Barcelona.

The rental housing market in Spain is continuing to attract the interest of international investors. Proof of this are the numerous operations that were closed in 2021, and the momentum is not ceasing in 2022. In this context, the German fund Patrizia has just closed the purchase of 1,500 build-to-rent homes, according to market sources speaking to Brainsre.news.

The homes acquired form part of the extensive portfolio that the Catalan company Becorp launched onto the market in 2021 and in which many investors, both domestic and international, have expressed their interest in recent months, including the investment manager CBRE Global Investors. In the end, it was Patrizia that sealed the deal, albeit not of the entire initial portfolio – which comprised more than 2,000 units – but rather a selection of the best 1,500 homes that it will rent out to tenants.

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