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Parla Approves a New Technological and Business Park Spanning 6 Million m2

Parla City Council has given the go-ahead to the new PAU 5, which will span almost six million square metres of industrial, tertiary and commercial land.

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Parla City Council (Madrid) has approved the partial plan PAU-5 with the abstention of Ciudadanos and one vote against by a councillor. The plan, which dates back to 1997, involves the development of almost six million square metres of land in the Madrilenian municipality. Only 600,000 square metres of land has been developed in the area to date, specifically, the UE1 sector.

The project, which was started before 2000, was abandoned in 2015 pending the issuance of sector reports by the relevant administrations. During that legislature, the City Council required such reports from the Compensation Board and the Community of Madrid. On 22 December, Parla City Council received an affirmative response from the General Directorate for Sustainability and Climate Change, which allowed the approval of the plan.

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