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Pablo Iglesias Resumes The Campaign to Limit Rental Prices

This was confirmed on Friday by the spokespersons for the Tenants' Unions of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Javier Gil and Jaime Palomera, after their meeting with the second vice president of the Government.

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The persons responsible for the associations met with Pablo Iglesias on Friday as part of the framework of several sectoral meetings that are taking place to mark the occasion of the Agenda 2030. After the meeting, the directors assured that “within the Executive, there is a will to move ahead with this as soon as possible, within the next few weeks “, in reference to the “imminent” approval of regulations to limit rental prices throughout the country.

The law would allow autonomous regions to limit rental prices in the areas that are under the most pressure. The initiative formed part of the programmatic agreement that paved the way for the creation of the coalition government. According to sources, the second vice presidency team is negotiating for the Government to activate this limit. The measure could be included in the draft General State Budget (PGE), which is currently being finalised between the PSOE and Unidas Podemos, according to the same sources.

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