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Openbank Could Move into BBVA’s Premises in Madrid’s Santa Bárbara

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The bank recently opened its flagship branch in Madrid.

Openbank, whose headquarters is currently located in another historic mansion on Paseo de la Castellana, 24, has been looking for a new headquarters for a while, according to El Confidencial.

An opportunity has now arisen, according to the digital newspaper, as a result of BBVA’s decision to move almost 1,000 of the professionals that it has working in other offices to a location close to its quarters in the Las Tablas neighbourhood of Madrid.

That will free up a historic building in central Madrid. Built in 1920 for the Guevara family, the property was expropriated after the Civil War to house financial institutions. In 1999, BBVA bought it and subjected it to a thorough renovation to host its Innovation Centre. The current owner of the property, which spans ​​11,549 square metres, is the Swiss entity UBS.


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