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Only 5,896 of Spain’s 20,000 Hotels Opened in June

In June, only 5,896 of the almost 20,000 hotels in Spain opened, down by 64.6% compared to 2019. Together, these establishments offered 322,508 beds, representing just 17.6% of the total.

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Overnight hotel stays decreased by 95.1% in June, compared with the same month in 2019, to reach 1.82 million. The number of travellers staying overnight amounted to 920,778, which represented less than 10% of the number registered a year earlier, according to a survey of hotel establishments conducted by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Although the State of Emergency ended on June 21 and free movement has been allowed throughout the country since then, the limitations in place during the first three weeks of the month meant that only 5,896 of the almost 20,000 hotels in Spain were open, down by 64.6% compared to a year earlier. Those properties together offered 322,508 beds (representing 17.6% of the total).

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