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Only 10% of the Possible Beneficiaries will be Able to Access a Mortgage Moratorium

The mortgage moratorium, a measure to ease the financial burden on families, could end up helping just 10% of its potential beneficiaries due to the difficulty involved in fulfilling all of the requirements, according to Asufin.

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The mortgage moratorium, one of the measures approved by the Government to alleviate the financial burden on families as a result of the crisis caused by the coronavirus, could end up helping just 10% of its potential beneficiaries. “The rest will be automatically excluded during the paperwork process for failing to comply with one or more of the four cases established by the rule,” according to the financial users association (Asufin).

After analyzing a hundred files out of the 500 queries that the association has received in the past week, it found that 82% of cases fulfil the first condition for requesting a moratorium on their mortgage payments, in that they have suffered an ERTE or have lost 40% of their income or turnover.


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