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One in Four of the Companies Wound Up So Far This Year Were From the Construction or Real Estate Sectors

In total, almost 5,000 companies were dissolved in the construction and real estate sectors between January and August, followed by 4,000 in the commerce sector, according to data from Informa.

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Economic problems for Spanish companies follow a pattern as soon as the first signs of wear and tear on activity begin to appear: the commerce, construction and real estate, and hospitality sectors are always hit the hardest when it comes to insolvency proceedings and company dissolutions, although typically most of the names involved are SMEs. And 2022, characterised by inflation, interest rate hikes, the war in Europe and a possible recession is no different.

Specifically, so far this year a total of 4,118 bankruptcy proceedings and 20,653 company dissolutions have been registered in Spain, according to the Study on Bankruptcy and Dissolution carried out by Informa D&B (a subsidiary of Cesce). These figures represent a 4.5% rise in the number of insolvencies, and a 10% increase in the number of dissolutions compared to the same period last year.

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