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Offices under 5,000 m²: the rental index continues to rise (Evolis)

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According to an exclusive study by Evolis, the index of weighted face rents for offices under 5,000 m² in Île-de-France is stabilizing after significant growth in 2022, but it remains higher on a year-on-year basis (+4.8 points), as reported by Businessimmo.

The market is heavily polarized around established business districts, particularly in the QCA (Central Business District), with Paris contributing 53% to the index compared to 46% two years ago. The limited supply within Paris continues to drive rental values higher.

Demand for office acquisitions remains high despite banking conditions, and with limited supply for sale, transaction values for offices under 5,000 m² have increased annually by 15.7%. In the same period, rents for industrial spaces have also increased, with a yearly growth of 6.7% in Île-de-France, driven mainly by the first crown areas.


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