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NH Considers Selling its Hotels in Latin America After Delaying its Business Plan Forecasts Until 2024

The hotel group expects to return to its 2019 turnover levels in 2022, but has postponed its business plan forecasts until 2024.

Ramon Aragones dirige NH Hoteles 1
Ramón Aragonés leads NH Hoteles

NH Hoteles states, in a communication sent to the CNMV, that the forecasts made “are based on a drastic loss of income compared to 2019 due to the negative effect that the pandemic caused by Covid-19 has had on the business”.

As a result, and in response to a requirement from the regulator regarding its accounts for the first half of 2020, the hotel group states that it expects to return to its 2019 turnover levels next year, but that it does not expect to realise the business forecasts that it made before the pandemic until 2024.

Read the full article in Spanish.


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