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Newdock Buys 7 Plots in Los Ahijones to Create a New Logistics Hub

The firm created by Goldman Sachs has invested 40 million euros in the acquisition of seven plots of land in the new area of Los Ahijones in Madrid where it will create a new logistics hub.

suelos logisticos los ahijones desarrollos sureste

Newdock, the logistics company launched a year ago by Goldman Sachs, has just closed a major operation in the thriving logistics sector in Spain. The company led by Fátima Sáez del Cano has completed a strategic purchase in the city of Madrid, in a new area of development: Los Ahijones.

According to sources speaking exclusively to Brainsre.news, Newdock has acquired one of the areas that make up the capital’s Southeast Developments from the Los Ahijones Compensation Board. Specifically, the firm has bought seven tertiary-use plots that will be used to create logistics platforms to provide logistics coverage in a strategic point of the capital.

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