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Neinor’s Creators Prepare to Launch a New Real Estate Firm With €200 Million

The executives plan to turn Domo into a real estate firm dedicated to rental assets with a market capitalisation of 200 million euros, compared to its current value of 24.5 million euros.

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Juan Pepa and Felipe Morenés, creators of the residential property developer Neinor Homes, intend to turn Grupo Domo into one of the largest real estate companies in the market, a key player in the booming build-to-rent sector. In this vein, they are working to carry out a capital increase of their listed subsidiary Domo Activos.

At the beginning of the year, through the fund Stoneshield, Pepa and Morenés bought the majority of the share capital of Grupo Domo, a holding company created by Felipe Conde, which performs various activities in the real estate sector. Now, its new largest shareholders have contacted several investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and Alantra regarding the raising of 100 million euros, according to financial sources speaking to El Confidencial.

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