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Neinor’s Board of Directors to Discuss Entering the Rental Sector

Promoción vivienda Las Rozas Neinor Fuente Neinor 1024x577 1
Neinor’s housing development in Las Rozas (Madrid).

Neinor is going to present a plan to the Board of Directors on 26 February that proposes the property developer’s entry into the residential rental market. The plan has come about because the real estate company is the owner of some of the projects that it is currently building, according to Cinco Días.

Last year, the company tried to introduce a similar initiative, through which it sought to become the owner of some of the homes that it was built and allocate them to the rental market to generate revenues in addition to sales. But Juan Velayos, the CEO at that time, received negative feedback from the shareholders he consulted.


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