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Most of Madrid’s Residential Activity is Concentrated in El Cañaveral and Valdebebas

Most of Madrid's residential development activity is concentrated in El Cañaveral and Valdebebas, which both still have vacant land, according to Sociedad de Tasación.

viviendas en construccion en valdebebas 1024x768 2
New build properties in Valdebebas (Madrid).

Sociedad de Tasación (ST) has published a new edition of the Urban Time Map, a study that offers a global vision of the land market in Spain. This new edition updates the data that was published in February 2020 and is the first to relect the impact of Covid-19 on the market.

The evolution of the land market over the last few months in the Community of Madrid and in Madrid capital is similar to that seen in Cataluña and Barcelona: the market remains stable, without any major variations, but players keenly await its evolution over the coming months. The pace of sales and prices are being maintained, but a situation of “tense calm” can be felt as the market waits to see the trend over the short and medium term.

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