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Mortgages Up 32% in April to 31,909

The number of mortgages issued rose to 31,909 in April, 32.1% more than in 2020. The average amount increased by 11.4% to 139,464 euros.

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After a year of the pandemic and a series of lockdowns, the Spanish residential market is beginning to recover.

While abrupt drops in housing transactions and the issuance of mortgages occurred during the pandemic, the situation is beginning to turn around.

This is the case of the figures for April 2021, when 31,909 mortgages were issued, 32% more than in the previous year, as published today by the National Statistics Institute (INE). However, month-on-month (April vs March), the granting of mortgages fell by 13.5%, its largest decline in this month since 2017.

The region with the highest number of mortgages issued was Andalusia (6,327), followed by the Community of Madrid (6,174) and Catalonia (5,343). The regions with the greatest changes in the number of mortgages were Cantabria (128.9%), Extremadura (105.1%) and Castilla – La Mancha (99.1%).

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