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More than 3 Million People in Spain are Regularly Working From Home, 3 x More Than a Year Ago

A total of 3.01 million people in Spain are working from home on a regular basis, which means that the figure registered in 2019 has increased by 3.2x, according to Randstad.

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According to a study published by Randstad about the evolution of working from home, 16.2% of the people employed in Spain (18.6 million people in total) are regularly working from home, the highest rate of the decade so far. In fact, a year ago, the percentage was around 4.8%.

The Director of Talent, Culture, Brand and Product at Randstad, Raquel Larena, believes that the considerable increase in remote working is not only caused by the lockdown. It is also due to the fact that companies and employees have been able to experience the benefits and ease of working from home, as well as the ability to balance work and family life and to provide continuity to the business in a situation such as that experienced during the pandemic.

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