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Momentum Reim Finalizes Acquisition of Land Next to the Future Valdebebas Shopping Center

Momentum Reim will develop an apartment complex with services if the Junta de Compensación de Valdebebas accepts the proposed offer.

obras de viviendas en construccion de Amenabar en Valdebebas Madrid

Momentum Reim is finalizing its acquisition of a plot of land in the urban development of Valdebebas, northeast of the capital. As Brainsre.news has learned exclusively, the company has offered to acquire from the Junta de Compensación de Valdebebas a plot adjacent to what will be the largest shopping centre in Madrid.

The land has a surface area of 17,165 square meters and a buildable area of 36,448 m2. Its main use is for offices or lodging, but it has other alternative facilities, such as educational, health, cultural, religious, sports, recreational or social welfare. Although the final amount has not been disclosed, sources in the sector assure that Momentum could pay up to 20 million euros for the land.

According to these same sources, Momentum Reim will build a serviced apartment complex, also known as serviced apartments. It will do so with the help of a fund yet to be disclosed.

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