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Millenium Hospitality Sells the Hotel Vía Castellana to Ibervalles for €43 Million

Millenium Hospitality Real Estate has sold the company Millenium Hotels C220 to the Isidro Rincón family office for 43 million euros.

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The Socimi Millenium Hospitality Real Estate has completed the sale of Millenium Hotels C220, the company that owns the Hotel Vía Castellana, to Ibervalles, the family office owned by the Isidro Rincón family, for 43 million euros, as reported by the company to the BME Growth on Wednesday.

The operation, which was revealed exclusively by Brainsre.news at the beginning of June last year, was approved at Millenium Hospitality’s shareholders’ meeting on 7 July 2021.

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