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Mexico’s Richest Women Pays 25% Less for Claudio Coello 11 After the Pandemic

María Asunción Aramburuzabala, considered the richest woman in Mexico, has managed to lower the price of the luxury residential building that she has bought in the Salamanca neighbourhood: from €15 million to €12 million.

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Luxury homes in the Salamanca neighbourhood (Madrid).

At the beginning of February, Aramburuzabala was on the verge of closing her first major real estate operation in Spain, with the acquisition of the building located at number 11 Calle Claudio Coello in Madrid, in the exclusive Salamanca district.

The property, which had housed the headquarters of the University of Villanueva for years, was owned by a group of investors, including the company Lemon Prime, controlled by the Venezuelan brothers Manuel and Federico González Weil. The original intention of those owners was to sell the property for €27 million. However, that figure had been reduced to just under €15 million by February and has now fallen to €12 million at the close of the transaction, according to El Confidencial.


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