Metrovacesa’s Insurance Covers the House Purchase Payments of its Clients Affected by EREs and ERTEs

The insurance will cover those clients who are affected by the current health crisis due to an ERE and even an ERTE, as long as it has affected 50% or more of their remuneration. The coverage will be effective once they have been in the unemployment situation for 30 days and will last for as long as it continues.

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A Metrovacesa development.

The residential property developer Metrovacesa, controlled by Santander and BBVA, has taken the step of reassuring its client home buyers by announcing that its insurance policy will cover the payments by those affected by the Covid-19 health crisis. The measure may be applied to employed workers affected by an Employment Regulation File (ERE), even if it is temporary, as well as to self-employed people and civil servants.

“Aware of the difficulties that some families are experiencing due to the current health crisis caused by Covid-19, Metrovacesa has analysed the coverage of its BE SAFE payment protection insurance. In this way, the insurance policy will cover the payments of those clients who are self-employed or are civil servants and have suffered a Temporary Disability due to the coronavirus, as well as those who, in their capacity as permanent employees, are affected by an ERE or an ERTE caused by this situation and affecting 50% or more of their remuneration”, announced the company this morning.


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