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Metrovacesa Starts Work on its Third Development in Manresa: €16.4 Million for 74 Homes

The property developer now has 240 new-build units in the town, which is located in the province of Barcelona, and more than 1,600 across Cataluña.

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Metrovacesa is continuing to strengthen its position in Cataluña, where it has more than 1,600 units on offer and, specifically, has started work on its third development in the town of Manresa with an investment of 16.4 million to build 74 homes.

Llum de Manresa will mean that Metrovacesa has a total of 240 new-build homes in the municipality of Manresa (in the province of Barcelona). In this case, it will be a promotion comprising homes with between two and four bedrooms, including large terraces, garages and storage rooms.

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