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Metrovacesa Obtains the Green Light from Madrid City Council for its Project on the Site of the Former Clesa Factory

Madrid City Council has approved a modification to the General Plan for the Ciudad Clesa area, located opposite the Ramón y Cajal hospital, which has been delayed for two months due to the pandemic.

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On Wednesday, the plenary session of Madrid City Council unanimously approved a modification to the General Plan for the Clesa area, which will give a new lease of life to the former dairy factory, located in the Madrilenian district of Fuencarral-El Pardo, opposite the Ramón y Cajal hospital.

The capital’s Urban Development Department directed by Mariano Fuentes, has changed the plans presented by the current owner of the plots, the property developer Metrovacesa, which were initially approved in 2018 – after three years of paralysis – and has presented “a new proposal that reduces the negative impact that the previous project had on the landscape. The new proposal also reduces the volume and better defines the whole area”, explain sources at Madrid City Council.

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