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Merlin Wins a New Rental Contract with the Community of Madrid

The CAM will pay 34 million euros for the rental of its new headquarters, located on Paseo de la Castellana number 280 and owned by the Socimi.

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The headquarters of the Madrid Health Service (SERMAS) is moving to an office building that is owned by the Socimi Merlin Properties. The Community of Madrid and the property company have signed a contract worth 34 million euros over a period of 10 years, according to La Información.

Prior to this agreement, SERMAS occupied another building owned by the company led by Ismael Clemente. Until now, its headquarters was in the building located in Plaza de Carlos Trías Bertrán number 7, but it will soon move to Paseo de la Castellana 280. As a result of this change, the Community of Madrid will pay 61,000 euros a month more for its office space.

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