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Merlin Integrates 30 Buildings Close to Madrid Nuevo Norte to Create Europe’s Largest Business Hub

The Socimi has integrated 330,000 m2 of office space that it owns in the north of Madrid into a hub that will offer new approaches to transport and services.

Cuatro torres Fuente Merlin

The Socimi Merlin Properties, the leader in the office sector in Spain, has taken its first step towards the creation of a new financial area of ​​Madrid. It is going to be located in the north of the capital, home to landmarks such as the Cuatro Torres skyscrapers, and where work will begin on the Madrid Nuevo Norte urban development in a few years. And where Merlin has important interests.

“The new centre is the north.” That is how Ismael Clemente, CEO of Merlin, defined the initiative during the presentation of Merlin Hub. The project seeks to integrate the 30 office buildings that the Socimi owns in the north of Madrid as if it were a single business park through the launch of a series of joint services.

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