Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Merlin Expects the Coronavirus to have an Impact of Less than 10% on its Gross Rents in 2020

The company highlights that it is in a "solid" financial position to face these "difficult" times, with a low level of indebtedness, significant income diversification and very high occupancy rates.

Cuatro Torres in Madrid. The PwC Building (third in from the left) is owned by Merlin Properties.

Merlin Properties predicts that the uncertainty generated by the coronavirus crisis will have an impact of less than 10% on its total expected gross income for 2020, as reported by the firm to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) on Thursday.

“Considering our commercial policy regarding rental discounts, which aims to share the burden of the current difficult situation with our tenants in those premises and businesses that cannot open to the public, and assuming that the closure ordered by the authorities lasts until 31 July, the impact on total expected gross income for 2020 would be less than 10%”, explained the firm, which has made a first estimate of the quantitative impact of coronavirus on its results, as reported by Europa Press.


New Build Home Prices in Madrid Grew by 11% in 2020

The average ticket for new build homes continues to exceed and stand out compared to that for second-hand homes, something that has not happened since Q319, according to data from the Brains Re platform.

Who Are the Construction Kings in the Balearic Islands?

Ten of the major real estate companies, including Taylor Wimpey, Metrovacesa, Aedas and Vía Célere, are going to deliver nearly half of the almost 2,500 homes that are scheduled for completion on the islands this year, according to Brainsre.

The Lowdown on the Decrease in Rental Prices in Madrid Post-Covid

The price of rental homes in Madrid has decreased for the third consecutive quarter, although the average asking price still exceeds 1,200 euros per month, according to Brainsre.

Ranking of Property Developers in Barcelona By Number of New Homes They Plan to Complete

Five property developers lead the new-build residential market in Barcelona and neighbouring towns, according to the big data platform Brainsre.

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House Prices Rose by 0.7% in February But Decreased by 1.4% in the Large Capital Cities

Compared to January, house prices fell by 0.7% in the provincial capitals and large cities and by 0.4% in general, according to Tinsa.