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Manuel Jove, the Founder of Fadesa and Inveravante, Dies

The Galician businessman Manuel Jove, founder of the real estate companies Fadesa and Inveravante, has died in A Coruña after a year-long battle against an illness.

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The businessman Manuel Jove Capellán (A Coruña, 1941) has died at his home in A Coruña, after a year-long battle against an illness, according to his holding company Inveravante.

Married, with two children (his eldest daughter, María José, died in 2002), Jove was one of the symbols of Spain’s last real estate boom. He turned his company Fadesa into one of the largest in the property development sector, and it went on to star in one of the most famous operations of the time: the purchase of Fadesa by Fernando Martín to create the giant Martinsa Fadesa.


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