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Magtel Enters the Residential Sector with the Acquisition of 2 Plots of Land in Córdoba

The company has paid ten million euros for the land through the Reyal Urbis liquidation auction.

Obras de vivienda de Magtel

Córdoba is beginning to make a name for itself in the world of real estate. So much so that companies that until now had only approached the sector to hire builders are making the leap to become developers themselves. Such is the case of Magtel, which is based in Córdoba and which specialises in energy, telecommunications and infrastructure. It has just bought two plots of land in the most up-and-coming area of the provincial capital.

Specifically, and according to ABC Córdoba, Magtel is embarking on a residential development project and has paid around ten million euros for two plots of land through the Reyal Urbis liquidation auction.

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