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Madrid’s Most Exclusive Residential Development is Hit by Fire, but the Building Work Continues

Incendio Calle General Castaños 3 Fuente Emergencias Madrid 1024x768 1
The building on Calle General Castaños, 3 affected by the fire. Source: Madrid’s Emergency Services.

The building spanning almost 5,000 m2, which is currently being renovated, is going to house the most exclusive and luxurious homes in the capital, with prices reaching around €20,000 per square metre. The property has a protected façade dating back to the end of the 19th century and was struck by fire on the night of 10 February after 11pm. 

“Fortunately, the fire was more spectacular than it was harmful. Just a small part of the attic has been affected. The structure in that area is made from wood, which is why the fire drew so much attention”, reported Mabel Real Estate, the company that owns the building, to The administrators of the company are Abel Matutes and the businessman Manuel Campos. Mabel has several high profile shareholders, including the tennis player Rafael Nadal.


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