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Madrid will Lease the 25,000 Flats from its ‘Plan Vive’ at Discounts of 50%

The rental homes that the Community of Madrid is going to build through a public-private collaboration will be 50% cheaper than market prices.

Plan vivienda Madrid 1

The rental flats that the Community of Madrid is going to build as part of ‘Plan Vive’ will be marketed at rents that will be 50% below market prices, as explained by David Pérez, Councillor for Housing and Local Administration at the Community of Madrid during a conference organised by the Madrid College of Economists.

The councillor announced that it is possible that “the tender for the construction of the first 15,000 homes, out of the 25,000 that we want to build in total, will be held during the next quarter.” These apartments for rent are going to be built through a public-private collaboration. As such, the regional government will provide the land and will tender it through a concession in exchange for a fee and the application of a limitation on the collection of rents so that the homes are marketed at affordable prices. The objective is that they will go some way to resolving the problem of affordable housing that currently exists.


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