Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Madrid Sees a Boom in the Construction of New Homes in Berrocales, La Solana and Campamento

1,393 homes are planned for La Solana; 4,500 for the first phase of Berrocales, with more than 22,000 forecast by 2034; and 10,500 in Campamento, with a significant percentage of protected homes in each location.

Madrid is undergoing development in the South, the Southeast and the Northwest, with a series of plans that will ensure the continuity of the Spanish construction sector, currently reeling from the crisis, after overcoming multiple delays.

The progress of the developments has a lot to do with the decisions by the municipal and regional government teams to streamline the urban planning procedures and licenses, with the application of the controversial express license and the decision to undertake the execution of work within their respective areas.

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Which is the Most Dynamic Neighbourhood in Madrid Post Covid?

Tetuán has become one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Madrid capital, thanks to its competitive prices and the emergence of new projects. However, coronavirus is weighing down on the market, especially when it comes to rental properties.

Property Developers Expect to Handover 20,500 New Homes Before 2021

In the three remaining months of the year, property developers expect to finish 20,551 homes in Spain, distributed across 1,061 developments, several of which will comprise hundreds of units.

The Aging Spanish Population: a Gold Mine for the Real Estate Sector

By 2050, 31.4% of the population in Spain will be aged over 64 years due to aging and a longer life expectancy. The supply of nursing homes for the elderly will need to double its capacity to keep pace.

The Housing Market and the Spanish Population: Where Will We Need Houses in 2035?

According to data from INE, over the next 15 years, Spain will gain 954,497 inhabitants, which will represent a population increase of 2%, with decreases in 9 autonomous regions and increases in 8 and a significant impact in terms of the foreign population in Spain.

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