Friday, January 28, 2022
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Madrid Revises its Land Act to Liberalise Urban Development and Authorise Express Licences

Yesterday, the Community of Madrid approved a bill that will allow the abolition of most planning licenses and liberalise the urban development sector, amongst other things.

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The amendment to the approved Land Act is part of the Community of Madrid’s Reactivation Plan and contemplates the elimination of most urban planning licenses -except for state ones -, which were mandatory until now. These will be replaced by sworn declarations to speed up proceedings.

Yesterday’s was the final procedure following the amendment’s approval and referral by the Governing Council to the Madrid Assembly in July. In May, with the crisis caused by the coronavirus and the shutdown of the economy, Madrid’s Governing Council gave the green light to the processing of the abolition of most of the urban planning licenses that were mandatory until now and the agreement to modify the Land Act in this vein. The measure has already been being applied by Madrid City Council.

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