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Madrid Resumes its Plans for the ‘Ciudad de la Justicia’ with the Tender for an Economic Feasibility Study

The Government of the Community of Madrid wants to concentrate 356 jurisdictional bodies, currently spread over 28 different buildings, into a single judicial space.

Ayuso en el Instituto Forense 1024x655 1
The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, during a visit to the new Forensics Institute.

On Wednesday, the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid authorised the public tender of the contract for the preparation of an economic feasibility study for its ‘Ciudad de la Justicia’ project. The idea, as detailed by the region’s president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, “is to start early, so that construction can begin in the middle of this legislature and be completed during the next one.”

Inauguration of the Institute of Legal Medicine

The facilities will be located in the new neighbourhood of Valdebebas, on plots adjacent to the Institute of Legal Medicine, which is the only building that has been built so far from this project to concentrate numerous judicial headquarters into a single location. Various PP governments of the Community of Madrid have worked on the project, which is located next to the new Hospital Enfermera Isabel Zendal and alongside the Ifema exhibition grounds and Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport.

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