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Madrid Launches Ambitious 3,000-Home Madrid Nuevo Sur Urban Development

The Madrid City Council will take advantage of the M-30 tunnelling to launch Madrid Nuevo Sur, an urban development project covering 2.5 million square metres and affecting 40,000 homes.

Madrid Nuevo Sur

After putting Madrid Nuevo Norte – formerly known as ‘Operación Chamartín’ – on track, the city of Madrid is working on launching another new urban development at the other end of the capital: Madrid Nuevo Sur.

With a similar surface area to its Castellana counterpart, Madrid Nuevo Sur will be located in the areas of Delicias, Méndez Álvaro, Abroñigal, San Diego and Entrevías. At a breakfast briefing with the Europa Press agency, Begoña Villacís defined Madrid Nuevo Sur as “the great project for the future of Madrid”.

The new site will involve the development of an area of 2.5 million square metres, which will directly affect 120,000 inhabitants with 40,000 homes. In addition, the region has a floating population of 40,000 people who commute to this area to work and 225,000 people who circulate daily through the area, either by private transport or by the suburban railway stations.

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