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Madrid Approves the Urbanisation of Valdecarante, Iberdrola’s Tertiary Project in Vicálvaro

The land is divided into six tertiary plots, 3 of which are owned by Iberdrola Inmobiliaria and which may be used for logistics purposes. The largest plot is owned by Madrid City Council.

Finca Valdecarante en Vicalvaro 1

Madrid City Council has initially approved the urbanisation project for the ‘Finca Valdecarante’ Incorporated Planning Area (API) located on Calle Pirotecnia in Vicálvaro district.

The project is divided into 6 plots for tertiary use. Iberdrola Inmobiliaria owns 3 of the plots, which span 21% of the total surface area, whilst Madrid City Council owns the largest plot, spanning 69% of the area. The other two plots – covering the remaining 10% – are owned by small investors. The energy giant’s real estate subsidiary is considering using the plots for the development of logistics or industrial warehouses, say sources close to the operation.

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